Monday, January 10, 2011

Randy gots himself some new shoes!

We knew we were going to need some new tires to make it through the winter so we decided why not get big ones? :)

Aren't they pretty? We had a really good Christmas but I have to say I think Randy got the best presents this year. He started with new "shoes", big 'ol tires, then Casey bought him new steering and I got Gary the muffler he's been wanting for Randy for his birthday. Now Randy is really ready for Maob this summer. I can't wait! We counted and if everything works out we will have 8-10 Jeeps coming down with us this summer! Yeehaw!

Friday, November 19, 2010

So Close...

just 2 assessments, 2 papers, 1 quiz, and 1 test left, sweet!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Later in October we went down to Vegas for my cousin's wedding. Gary and I drove down super early Tuesday morning. This is a picture of our snacks...Mtn Dew and Reese's pieces. mmmmm.

I love road trips! I always say, the best way to find out if you like someone is spend a few hours in a car together :) Happy to say Gary and I survived!

Us on the way down...

A cute picture of us while waiting for the couple to come out of the Temple.

And here they are....Mr. and Mrs. Winfrey.

Here is a picture of Gary and Brett. They have been friends since they met. I'm not sure how it started but they do call each other 'babe' on occasion. Crazy guys!

This is a picture of my mom, her siblings and parents. My mom's on the left then Laura, Barbara, Grandma Carruth, Grandpa Carruth, and Uncle John on the end.

My mom would kill me if she knew I put this on here, but it is sooo worth it! My mom asked how we wanted her to pose and told her to lay in front and spread her arms out. I love when my mom does things we tell her to!

Then my aunts wanted to be cool too! Haha! I love my family! Never a dull moment that's for sure.


The first part of October we were able to go to Moab! Yeehaw! Gary has definitely got me hooked on Moab. I'm glad we got to go twice this summer. We camped with Calvin, Angie, Casey and his family. The first day we were there we went on Gemini Bridges. It was a mild, scenic drive. The second day we played around in BFE all day. It was a lot of fun! Here are a couple pictures of Casey trying to go up a 4ft step. By the time he got up the first step and his tires got to the second, his back tires were on the first step. It was challenging but Casey was determined. They finally hooked him on the winch and got up the steps.

While this was going on, Gary disappeared. After Casey got up the steps Gary comes walking over and asks Clint to pull him off a rock. He high centered on a rock. :) Silly Gary! Thought Randy was taller than he really is.

Here are a few pictures of Gary flexing Randy and showing off the new lift.

Sunday morning we decided to do Poison Spider before we headed home. Well, on the way to the trail Calvin rolled his Jeep. It was a very scary deal. Gary and I were driving behind them and saw the whole thing. Calvin and Angie were both fine, both of them were scraped and bruised pretty good. They went to the hospital just to make sure they were ok. After we left the hospital they had to sign some papers signing the totaled Jeep over to the junk yard.

It was very scary but I'm glad they were fine and everything turned out ok. Even though Calvin's Jeep was totalled you can't help but notice the Trailhead Custom Steering is perfectly straight!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh, the wonderful public!

In my job I work with the public, gotta love it! I had a couple new ones today I can say I've never come across.
So I was checking in a patient and about halfway through the check in process, yes it takes awhile-patience people, I had a lady call her cell phone customer service and tell them about a problem she's been having with her cell phone. So naturally me being the nice person I am talked louder and even more than I normally do to finish checking her in. She had the nerve to ask me to be quiet because she was on the phone. I ever so politely told her that she walked up to my desk and if she wanted to be helped then she needed to get off her phone. She then asked for my supervisors name so she could complain about me. Go ahead lady, I was just doing my job!
Next all the receptionists, including myself, had a patient we were helping. This guy comes in walks over to my desk practically pushing my lady out of the way and says he needs to check in for his appointment. I tell him I 'm helping someone and that I can help him when I'm done. He walks to the girl sitting next to me, who is helping someone as well and tells her he has an appointment and needs to check in. She tells him she can after she finishes with the person she is helping. He continues this to all four of us. Dude! Wait in line! We'll help you as soon as we are done.
I swear there is a full moon soon. All the crazies are starting to come out!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


1 english paper down and 5 more to go this semester!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I posted a few of the reception just so I don't have to hear it from Judy :)